ShapeViewerGump Member List

This is the complete list of members for ShapeViewerGump, including all inherited members.

AddChild(Gump *, bool take_focus=true)Gump [virtual]
assignObjId()Object [virtual]
backgroundShapeViewerGump [protected]
BOTTOM_CENTER enum valueGump
BOTTOM_LEFT enum valueGump
BOTTOM_RIGHT enum valueGump
callUsecode(uint16 classid, uint16 offset, const uint8 *args=0, int argsize=0)Object
CENTER enum valueGump
ChildNotify(Gump *child, uint32 message)Gump [inline, virtual]
childrenGump [protected]
clearObjId()Object [virtual]
Close(bool no_del=false)ModalGump [virtual]
CloseItemDependents(void)Gump [virtual]
ConCmd_U8ShapeViewer(const Console::ArgvType &argv)ShapeViewerGump [static]
CreateNotifier()Gump [virtual]
curflexShapeViewerGump [protected]
curframeShapeViewerGump [protected]
curshapeShapeViewerGump [protected]
dimsGump [protected]
DraggingChild(Gump *gump, int mx, int my)Gump [virtual]
DraggingItem(Item *item, int mx, int my)Gump [inline, virtual]
DraggingItemLeftGump(Item *item)Gump [inline, virtual]
DropItem(Item *item, int mx, int my)Gump [inline, virtual]
dumpInfo()Object [virtual]
FindGump(int mx, int my)ModalGump [virtual]
Gump::FindGump(const RunTimeClassType &t, bool recursive=true, bool no_inheritance=false)Gump [virtual]
Gump::FindGump(bool recursive=true, bool no_inheritance=false)Gump [inline]
FLAG_CLOSE_AND_DEL enum valueGump
FLAG_CLOSING enum valueGump
FLAG_CORE_GUMP enum valueGump
FLAG_DONT_SAVE enum valueGump
FLAG_DRAGGABLE enum valueGump
FLAG_HIDDEN enum valueGump
FLAG_KEEP_VISIBLE enum valueGump
flagsGump [protected]
flexShapeViewerGump [protected]
flexesShapeViewerGump [protected]
focus_childGump [protected]
framenumGump [protected]
GetDims(Pentagram::Rect &d)Gump [inline, virtual]
GetFocusChild()Gump [inline]
GetIndex()Gump [inline]
GetLocationOfItem(uint16 itemid, int &gx, int &gy, sint32 lerp_factor=256)Gump [virtual]
GetMouseCursor(int mx, int my, Shape &shape, sint32 &frame)Gump [virtual]
getObjId() const Object [inline]
GetParent()Gump [inline]
GetResult()Gump [inline]
Gump(int x, int y, int width, int height, uint16 owner=0, uint32 _Flags=0, sint32 layer=LAYER_NORMAL)Gump
GumpFlags enum nameGump
GumpLayers enum nameGump
GumpList classGump [friend]
GumpRectToScreenSpace(int &gx, int &gy, int &gw, int &gh, RectRoundDir r=ROUND_OUTSIDE)Gump [virtual]
GumpToParent(int &gx, int &gy, PointRoundDir r=ROUND_TOPLEFT)Gump [virtual]
GumpToScreenSpace(int &gx, int &gy, PointRoundDir r=ROUND_TOPLEFT)Gump [virtual]
HideGump()Gump [inline, virtual]
indexGump [protected]
InitGump(Gump *newparent, bool take_focus=true)ModalGump [virtual]
IsClosing()Gump [inline]
IsDraggable()Gump [inline]
IsFocus()Gump [inline]
IsHidden()Gump [inline]
layerGump [protected]
LAYER_CONSOLE enum valueGump
LAYER_DESKTOP enum valueGump
LAYER_GAMEMAP enum valueGump
LAYER_MODAL enum valueGump
LAYER_NORMAL enum valueGump
loadData(IDataSource *ids)ShapeViewerGump
ModalGump::loadData(IDataSource *ids, uint32 version)ModalGump
MakeFocus()Gump [virtual]
ModalGump(int x, int y, int width, int height, uint16 owner=0, uint32 _Flags=0, sint32 layer=LAYER_MODAL)ModalGump
Move(int x_, int y_)Gump [inline, virtual]
MoveChildToFront(Gump *)Gump [virtual]
MoveRelative(int x_, int y_)Gump [inline, virtual]
mustSave(bool toplevel)Gump
notifierGump [protected]
Object()Object [inline]
objidObject [protected]
OnFocus(bool)Gump [inline, virtual]
OnKeyDown(int key, int mod)ShapeViewerGump [virtual]
OnKeyUp(int key)Gump [virtual]
OnMouseClick(int button, int mx, int my)Gump [inline, virtual]
OnMouseDouble(int button, int mx, int my)Gump [inline, virtual]
OnMouseDown(int button, int mx, int my)ModalGump [virtual]
OnMouseLeft()Gump [inline, virtual]
OnMouseMotion(int mx, int my)Gump [virtual]
OnMouseOver()Gump [inline, virtual]
OnMouseUp(int button, int mx, int my)Gump [inline, virtual]
OnTextInput(int unicode)ShapeViewerGump [virtual]
ownerGump [protected]
Paint(RenderSurface *surf, sint32 lerp_factor, bool scaled)Gump [virtual]
PaintChildren(RenderSurface *surf, sint32 lerp_factor, bool scaled)Gump [protected, virtual]
PaintComposited(RenderSurface *surf, sint32 lerp_factor, sint32 scalex, sint32 scaley)Gump [protected, virtual]
PaintCompositing(RenderSurface *surf, sint32 lerp_factor, sint32 scalex, sint32 scaley)Gump [virtual]
PaintThis(RenderSurface *, sint32 lerp_factor, bool scaled)ShapeViewerGump [virtual]
parentGump [protected]
ParentToGump(int &px, int &py, PointRoundDir r=ROUND_TOPLEFT)Gump [virtual]
PointOnGump(int mx, int my)ModalGump [virtual]
PointRoundDir enum nameGump
Position enum nameGump
process_resultGump [protected]
RectRoundDir enum nameGump
RemoveChild(Gump *)Gump [virtual]
RenderSurfaceChanged()Gump [virtual]
ROUND_INSIDE enum valueGump
ROUND_OUTSIDE enum valueGump
ROUND_TOPLEFT enum valueGump
Run(const uint32 framenum)Gump [virtual]
save(ODataSource *ods)Object
saveData(ODataSource *ods)ShapeViewerGump [protected, virtual]
ScaleCoord(sint32 c, sint32 factor)Gump [inline, protected, static]
ScreenSpaceToGump(int &sx, int &sy, PointRoundDir r=ROUND_TOPLEFT)Gump [virtual]
ScreenSpaceToGumpRect(int &sx, int &sy, int &sw, int &sh, RectRoundDir r=ROUND_OUTSIDE)Gump [virtual]
SetFramenum(uint32 _framenum)Gump [inline]
SetIndex(sint32 i)Gump [inline]
SetNotifyProcess(GumpNotifyProcess *proc)Gump
setRelativePosition(Position pos, int xoffset=0, int yoffset=0)Gump [virtual]
SetShape(Shape *_shape, uint32 _framenum)Gump [inline]
SetShape(FrameID frame, bool adjustsize=false)Gump
shapeGump [protected]
shapehShapeViewerGump [protected]
ShapeViewerGump(int width, int height, std::vector< std::pair< std::string, ShapeArchive * > > &flexes, uint32 _Flags=0, sint32 layer=LAYER_MODAL)ShapeViewerGump
shapewShapeViewerGump [protected]
shapexShapeViewerGump [protected]
shapeyShapeViewerGump [protected]
StartDraggingChild(Gump *gump, int mx, int my)Gump [virtual]
StartDraggingItem(Item *item, int mx, int my)Gump [inline, virtual]
StopDraggingChild(Gump *gump)Gump [virtual]
StopDraggingItem(Item *item, bool moved)Gump [inline, virtual]
TOP_CENTER enum valueGump
TOP_LEFT enum valueGump
TOP_RIGHT enum valueGump
TraceObjId(int mx, int my)ModalGump [virtual]
U8ShapeViewer()ShapeViewerGump [static]
UnhideGump()Gump [inline, virtual]
UnscaleCoord(sint32 c, sint32 factor)Gump [inline, protected, static]
writeObjectHeader(ODataSource *ods)Object [protected]
xGump [protected]
yGump [protected]
~Gump()Gump [virtual]
~Object()Object [virtual]
~ShapeViewerGump(void)ShapeViewerGump [virtual]

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