pentagram File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
2xSaIScalers.cpp [code]
2xSaIScalers.h [code]
Actor.cpp [code]
Actor.h [code]
ActorAnim.h [code]
ActorAnimProcess.cpp [code]
ActorAnimProcess.h [code]
ActorBarkNotifyProcess.cpp [code]
ActorBarkNotifyProcess.h [code]
Allocator.cpp [code]
Allocator.h [code]
ALSAMidiDriver.cpp [code]
ALSAMidiDriver.h [code]
AmbushProcess.cpp [code]
AmbushProcess.h [code]
amf2mod.c [code]
AnimAction.cpp [code]
AnimAction.h [code]
Animation.cpp [code]
Animation.h [code]
AnimationTracker.cpp [code]
AnimationTracker.h [code]
AnimDat.cpp [code]
AnimDat.h [code]
Archive.cpp [code]
Archive.h [code]
ArchiveFile.cpp [code]
ArchiveFile.h [code]
Args.cpp [code]
Args.h [code]
ArmourInfo.h [code]
AskGump.cpp [code]
AskGump.h [code]
AudioChannel.cpp [code]
AudioChannel.h [code]
AudioMixer.cpp [code]
AudioMixer.h [code]
AudioProcess.cpp [code]
AudioProcess.h [code]
AudioSample.cpp [code]
AudioSample.h [code]
AvatarDeathProcess.cpp [code]
AvatarDeathProcess.h [code]
AvatarGravityProcess.cpp [code]
AvatarGravityProcess.h [code]
AvatarMoverProcess.cpp [code]
AvatarMoverProcess.h [code]
BarkGump.cpp [code]
BarkGump.h [code]
BaseSoftRenderSurface.cpp [code]
BaseSoftRenderSurface.h [code]
BilinearScaler.cpp [code]
BilinearScaler.h [code]
BilinearScalerInternal.h [code]
BilinearScalerInternal_2x.cpp [code]
BilinearScalerInternal_Arb.cpp [code]
BilinearScalerInternal_X1Y12.cpp [code]
BilinearScalerInternal_X2Y24.cpp [code]
BindGump.cpp [code]
BindGump.h [code]
BitSet.cpp [code]
BitSet.h [code]
BookGump.cpp [code]
BookGump.h [code]
Box.h [code]
ButtonWidget.cpp [code]
ButtonWidget.h [code]
CallNodes.cpp [code]
CallNodes.h [code]
CameraProcess.cpp [code]
CameraProcess.h [code]
ClearFeignDeathProcess.cpp [code]
ClearFeignDeathProcess.h [code] [code]
CombatProcess.cpp [code]
CombatProcess.h [code]
common_types.h [code]
CommonBases.h [code]
Compile.cpp [code]
CompileNodes.h [code]
CompileProcess.cpp [code]
CompileProcess.h [code]
CompileUnit.h [code]
ConApp.cpp [code]
ConApp.h [code]
ConfigFileManager.cpp [code]
ConfigFileManager.h [code]
Console.cpp [code]
Console.h [code]
ConsoleGump.cpp [code]
ConsoleGump.h [code]
Container.cpp [code]
Container.h [code]
ContainerGump.cpp [code]
ContainerGump.h [code]
ControlsGump.cpp [code]
ControlsGump.h [code]
Convert.h [code]
ConvertShape.cpp [code]
ConvertShape.h [code]
ConvertShapeCrusader.cpp [code]
ConvertShapeCrusader.h [code]
ConvertShapeU8.cpp [code]
ConvertShapeU8.h [code]
ConvertUsecodeCrusader.h [code]
ConvertUsecodeU8.h [code]
CoreApp.cpp [code]
CoreApp.h [code]
CoreAudioMidiDriver.cpp [code]
CoreAudioMidiDriver.h [code]
CreateItemProcess.cpp [code]
CreateItemProcess.h [code]
CreditsGump.cpp [code]
CreditsGump.h [code]
CurrentMap.cpp [code]
CurrentMap.h [code]
data.cpp [code]
data2c.c [code]
DelayProcess.cpp [code]
DelayProcess.h [code]
DesktopGump.cpp [code]
DesktopGump.h [code]
DestroyItemProcess.cpp [code]
DestroyItemProcess.h [code]
Direction.h [code]
DirFile.cpp [code]
DirFile.h [code]
Disasm.cpp [code]
DisasmProcess.cpp [code]
DisasmProcess.h [code]
EditWidget.cpp [code]
EditWidget.h [code]
Egg.cpp [code]
Egg.h [code]
EggHatcherProcess.cpp [code]
EggHatcherProcess.h [code]
encoding.cpp [code]
encoding.h [code]
Errors.h [code]
FastAreaVisGump.cpp [code]
FastAreaVisGump.h [code]
FileSystem.cpp [code]
FileSystem.h [code]
FireballProcess.cpp [code]
FireballProcess.h [code]
FixedWidthFont.cpp [code]
FixedWidthFont.h [code]
FlexFile.cpp [code]
FlexFile.h [code]
FlexPack.cpp [code]
FlexWriter.cpp [code]
FlexWriter.h [code]
FluidSynthMidiDriver.cpp [code]
FluidSynthMidiDriver.h [code]
fmopl.cpp [code]
fmopl.h [code]
FMOplMidiDriver.cpp [code]
FMOplMidiDriver.h [code]
Fold.cpp [code]
Folder.cpp [code]
Folder.h [code]
Font.cpp [code]
Font.h [code]
FontManager.cpp [code]
FontManager.h [code]
FontShapeArchive.cpp [code]
FontShapeArchive.h [code]
FrameID.cpp [code]
FrameID.h [code]
FuncNodes.cpp [code]
FuncNodes.h [code]
Game.cpp [code]
Game.h [code]
GameData.cpp [code]
GameData.h [code]
GameDetector.cpp [code]
GameDetector.h [code]
GameInfo.cpp [code]
GameInfo.h [code]
GameMapGump.cpp [code]
GameMapGump.h [code]
gamemd5.h [code]
GameWidget.cpp [code]
GameWidget.h [code]
GenericNodes.h [code]
getObject.cpp [code]
getObject.h [code]
GlobEgg.cpp [code]
GlobEgg.h [code]
GrantPeaceProcess.cpp [code]
GrantPeaceProcess.h [code]
GraphicsErrors.h [code]
GravityProcess.cpp [code]
GravityProcess.h [code]
GUIApp.cpp [code]
GUIApp.h [code]
Gump.cpp [code]
Gump.h [code]
GumpNotifyProcess.cpp [code]
GumpNotifyProcess.h [code]
GumpShapeArchive.cpp [code]
GumpShapeArchive.h [code]
HealProcess.cpp [code]
HealProcess.h [code]
HIDKeys.cpp [code]
HIDKeys.h [code]
HIDManager.cpp [code]
HIDManager.h [code]
hq2xScaler.cpp [code]
hq2xScaler.h [code]
IDataSource.h [code]
idMan.cpp [code]
idMan.h [code]
IfNode.cpp [code]
IfNode.h [code]
INIFile.cpp [code]
INIFile.h [code]
intrinsics.h [code]
invert.cpp [code]
InverterGump.cpp [code]
InverterGump.h [code]
InverterProcess.cpp [code]
InverterProcess.h [code]
ioapi.cpp [code]
ioapi.h [code]
istring.cpp [code]
istring.h [code]
Item.cpp [code]
Item.h [code]
ItemFactory.cpp [code]
ItemFactory.h [code]
ItemRelativeGump.cpp [code]
ItemRelativeGump.h [code]
ItemSorter.cpp [code]
ItemSorter.h [code]
Joystick.cpp [code]
Joystick.h [code]
JPFont.cpp [code]
JPFont.h [code]
JPRenderedText.cpp [code]
JPRenderedText.h [code]
Kernel.cpp [code]
Kernel.h [code]
ListFiles.h [code]
llc.cpp [code]
llcLexer.cpp [code]
llcLexer.h [code]
llcTokens.h [code]
LoiterProcess.cpp [code]
LoiterProcess.h [code]
LoopScript.h [code]
LoopScriptNodes.cpp [code]
LoopScriptNodes.h [code]
LowLevelMidiDriver.cpp [code]
LowLevelMidiDriver.h [code]
macosx_include.h [code]
macosx_utils.m [code]
MainActor.cpp [code]
MainActor.h [code]
MainMenuProcess.cpp [code]
MainMenuProcess.h [code]
MainShapeArchive.cpp [code]
MainShapeArchive.h [code]
Manips.h [code]
Map.cpp [code]
Map.h [code]
MapGlob.cpp [code]
MapGlob.h [code]
md5.cpp [code]
md5.h [code]
MemoryManager.cpp [code]
MemoryManager.h [code]
memset_n.h [code]
MenuGump.cpp [code]
MenuGump.h [code]
MidiDriver.cpp [code]
MidiDriver.h [code]
MiniMapGump.cpp [code]
MiniMapGump.h [code]
MiniStatsGump.cpp [code]
MiniStatsGump.h [code]
MissileProcess.cpp [code]
MissileProcess.h [code]
MissileTracker.cpp [code]
MissileTracker.h [code]
ModalGump.cpp [code]
ModalGump.h [code]
MonsterEgg.cpp [code]
MonsterEgg.h [code]
MonsterInfo.h [code]
Mouse.cpp [code]
Mouse.h [code]
MovieGump.cpp [code]
MovieGump.h [code]
msvc_include.h [code]
MusicFlex.cpp [code]
MusicFlex.h [code]
MusicProcess.cpp [code]
MusicProcess.h [code]
NamedArchiveFile.h [code]
Object.cpp [code]
Object.h [code]
ObjectManager.cpp [code]
ObjectManager.h [code]
ODataSource.h [code]
OperatorNodes.cpp [code]
OperatorNodes.h [code]
OptionsGump.cpp [code]
OptionsGump.h [code]
p_dynamic_cast.h [code]
PagedGump.cpp [code]
PagedGump.h [code]
Palette.cpp [code]
Palette.h [code]
PaletteFaderProcess.cpp [code]
PaletteFaderProcess.h [code]
PaletteManager.cpp [code]
PaletteManager.h [code]
PaperdollGump.cpp [code]
PaperdollGump.h [code]
Pathfinder.cpp [code]
Pathfinder.h [code]
PathfinderProcess.cpp [code]
PathfinderProcess.h [code]
pent_include.cpp [code]
pent_include.h [code]
pent_valgrind.h [code]
pentagram.cpp [code]
PentagramMenuGump.cpp [code]
PentagramMenuGump.h [code]
pentpal.cpp [code]
pentpal.h [code]
pentshp.cpp [code]
PNGWriter.cpp [code]
PNGWriter.h [code]
PointScaler.cpp [code]
PointScaler.h [code]
Pool.cpp [code]
Pool.h [code]
Process.cpp [code]
Process.h [code]
QuickAvatarMoverProcess.cpp [code]
QuickAvatarMoverProcess.h [code]
QuitGump.cpp [code]
QuitGump.h [code]
RawArchive.cpp [code]
RawArchive.h [code]
RawAudioSample.cpp [code]
RawAudioSample.h [code]
ReadableGump.cpp [code]
ReadableGump.h [code]
Rect.h [code]
RemorseGame.cpp [code]
RemorseGame.h [code]
remorseintrinsics.h [code]
RenderedText.cpp [code]
RenderedText.h [code]
RenderSurface.cpp [code]
RenderSurface.h [code]
ResizableGump.cpp [code]
ResizableGump.h [code]
ResurrectionProcess.cpp [code]
ResurrectionProcess.h [code]
Savegame.cpp [code]
Savegame.h [code]
SavegameWriter.cpp [code]
SavegameWriter.h [code]
Scale2xScaler.cpp [code]
Scale2xScaler.h [code]
Scaler.h [code]
ScalerGump.cpp [code]
ScalerGump.h [code]
ScalerManager.cpp [code]
ScalerManager.h [code]
SchedulerProcess.cpp [code]
SchedulerProcess.h [code]
ScrollGump.cpp [code]
ScrollGump.h [code]
SDLMain.h [code]
SDLMain.m [code]
SegmentedAllocator.cpp [code]
SegmentedAllocator.h [code]
SegmentedPool.cpp [code]
SegmentedPool.h [code]
SettingManager.cpp [code]
SettingManager.h [code]
Shape.cpp [code]
Shape.h [code]
ShapeArchive.cpp [code]
ShapeArchive.h [code]
ShapeConv.cpp [code]
ShapeFont.cpp [code]
ShapeFont.h [code]
ShapeFrame.cpp [code]
ShapeFrame.h [code]
ShapeInfo.cpp [code]
ShapeInfo.h [code]
ShapeRenderedText.cpp [code]
ShapeRenderedText.h [code]
ShapeViewerGump.cpp [code]
ShapeViewerGump.h [code]
SKFPlayer.cpp [code]
SKFPlayer.h [code]
SliderGump.cpp [code]
SliderGump.h [code]
SlidingWidget.cpp [code]
SlidingWidget.h [code]
SoftRenderSurface.cpp [code]
SoftRenderSurface.h [code]
SoftRenderSurface.inl [code]
SonarcAudioSample.cpp [code]
SonarcAudioSample.h [code]
SoundFlex.cpp [code]
SoundFlex.h [code]
SpeechFlex.cpp [code]
SpeechFlex.h [code]
SplitItemProcess.cpp [code]
SplitItemProcess.h [code]
SpriteProcess.cpp [code]
SpriteProcess.h [code]
StartU8Process.cpp [code]
StartU8Process.h [code]
TargetedAnimProcess.cpp [code]
TargetedAnimProcess.h [code]
TargetGump.cpp [code]
TargetGump.h [code]
TeleportEgg.cpp [code]
TeleportEgg.h [code]
TeleportToEggProcess.cpp [code]
TeleportToEggProcess.h [code]
Texture.cpp [code]
Texture.h [code]
TextureBitmap.cpp [code]
TextureBitmap.h [code]
TexturePNG.cpp [code]
TexturePNG.h [code]
TextureTarga.cpp [code]
TextureTarga.h [code]
TextWidget.cpp [code]
TextWidget.h [code]
timidity.cpp [code]
timidity.h [code]
timidity_common.cpp [code]
timidity_common.h [code]
timidity_controls.cpp [code]
timidity_controls.h [code]
timidity_filter.cpp [code]
timidity_filter.h [code]
timidity_instrum.cpp [code]
timidity_instrum.h [code]
timidity_mix.cpp [code]
timidity_mix.h [code]
timidity_output.cpp [code]
timidity_output.h [code]
timidity_playmidi.cpp [code]
timidity_playmidi.h [code]
timidity_readmidi.cpp [code]
timidity_readmidi.h [code]
timidity_resample.cpp [code]
timidity_resample.h [code]
timidity_sdl_a.cpp [code]
timidity_sdl_c.cpp [code]
timidity_tables.cpp [code]
timidity_tables.h [code]
TimidityMidiDriver.cpp [code]
TimidityMidiDriver.h [code]
TreasureInfo.h [code]
TreasureLoader.cpp [code]
TreasureLoader.h [code]
TTFont.cpp [code]
TTFont.h [code]
TTFRenderedText.cpp [code]
TTFRenderedText.h [code]
Type.cpp [code]
Type.h [code]
TypeFlags.cpp [code]
TypeFlags.h [code]
U8Game.cpp [code]
U8Game.h [code]
u8intrinsics.h [code]
U8SaveFile.cpp [code]
U8SaveFile.h [code]
U8SaveGump.cpp [code]
U8SaveGump.h [code]
UCList.cpp [code]
UCList.h [code]
UCMachine.cpp [code]
UCMachine.h [code]
UCProcess.cpp [code]
UCProcess.h [code]
UCStack.cpp [code]
UCStack.h [code]
unistd.h [code]
UnixSeqMidiDriver.cpp [code]
UnixSeqMidiDriver.h [code]
unzip.cpp [code]
unzip.h [code]
Usecode.cpp [code]
Usecode.h [code]
UsecodeFlex.cpp [code]
UsecodeFlex.h [code]
util.cpp [code]
util.h [code]
VarNodes.cpp [code]
VarNodes.h [code]
version.cpp [code]
version.h [code]
WeaponInfo.h [code]
WeaponOverlay.h [code]
WindowsMidiDriver.cpp [code]
WindowsMidiDriver.h [code]
World.cpp [code]
World.h [code]
WorldPoint.h [code]
WpnOvlayDat.cpp [code]
WpnOvlayDat.h [code]
XFormBlend.cpp [code]
XFormBlend.h [code]
XMidiEvent.h [code]
XMidiEventList.cpp [code]
XMidiEventList.h [code]
XMidiFile.cpp [code]
XMidiFile.h [code]
XMidiNoteStack.h [code]
XMidiSequence.cpp [code]
XMidiSequence.h [code]
XMidiSequenceHandler.h [code]
zip.cpp [code]
zip.h [code]
ZipFile.cpp [code]
ZipFile.h [code]

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