timidity.h File Reference

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namespace  NS_TIMIDITY


typedef sint8 NS_TIMIDITY::sample_t
typedef uint8 NS_TIMIDITY::final_volume_t
typedef sint16 NS_TIMIDITY::sample_t
typedef sint32 NS_TIMIDITY::final_volume_t


char * NS_TIMIDITY::Timidity_Error (void)
void NS_TIMIDITY::Timidity_SetVolume (int volume)
int NS_TIMIDITY::Timidity_PlaySome (void *stream, int samples)
MidiSong * NS_TIMIDITY::Timidity_LoadSong (char *midifile)
void NS_TIMIDITY::Timidity_Start (MidiSong *song)
int NS_TIMIDITY::Timidity_Active (void)
void NS_TIMIDITY::Timidity_Stop (void)
void NS_TIMIDITY::Timidity_FreeSong (MidiSong *song)
int NS_TIMIDITY::Timidity_Init_Simple (int rate, int samples, sint32 encoding)
void NS_TIMIDITY::Timidity_DeInit ()
void NS_TIMIDITY::Timidity_FinalInit (bool patches[128], bool drums[128])
void NS_TIMIDITY::Timidity_PlayEvent (unsigned char status, int a, int b)
void NS_TIMIDITY::Timidity_GenerateSamples (void *stream, int samples)

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