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class  Map_object
class  DisplayManager
class  WorldManager
class  GumpManager
class  InputManager
class  UsecodeMachine
class  GameClock


 if (next_time==-1) next_time
InMan HandleInput ()
 if (time >=next_time) while(time >
GumpMan PaintGumps (DisplaySurface)


DisplayManager DispMan
WorldManager TheWorld
GumpManager GumpMan
InputManager InMan
UsecodeMachine Usecode
bool interpolating = true
GameClock next_time
int time = GetCurrentTime()
Usecode PaintText (DisplaySurface)

Function Documentation

InMan HandleInput (  ) 

if ( time >=  next_time  ) 

if ( next_time  = =-1  ) 

Referenced by Gump::AddChild(), XMidiFile::AdjustTimings(), XMidiFile::ApplyFirstState(), ConvertShape::Check(), JPRenderedText::draw(), JPRenderedText::drawBlended(), NS_TIMIDITY::fill_bank(), Gump::FindGump(), TypeFlags::loadMonsterInfo(), FMOpl_Pentagram::OPLWriteReg(), ConvertShape::Read(), TTFont::renderText(), QuickAvatarMoverProcess::run(), run(), Pentagram::Scale2xScalerInternal< uintX, Manip, uintS >::Scale(), Pentagram::Scale2x_16MMX(), Pentagram::Scale2x_32MMX(), AnimationTracker::setTargetedMode(), ItemSorter::Trace(), PentZip::unzOpenCurrentFile3(), PentZip::unzReadCurrentFile(), ConvertShape::Write(), PentZip::ziplocal_TmzDateToDosDate(), and PentZip::zipOpenNewFileInZip3().

GumpMan PaintGumps ( DisplaySurface   ) 

Variable Documentation


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DisplayManager DispMan

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class GumpManager GumpMan

InputManager InMan

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bool interpolating = true

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class GameClock next_time

Usecode PaintText(DisplaySurface)

WorldManager TheWorld

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int time = GetCurrentTime()

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Referenced by XMidiFile::ConvertFiletoList(), XMidiEventList::convertListToMTrk(), Console::DrawConsoleNotify(), XMidiFile::ExtractTracksFromU7V(), XMidiFile::ExtractTracksFromXMIDIMT(), and GUIApp::writeSaveInfo().

class UsecodeMachine Usecode

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